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Local Concrete Supplier in Bletchingly

Rapid Readymix is your concrete supplier in Bletchingly. We supply local building contractors with top quality customer service, certified volumetric concrete and competitive prices – helping you keep costs low and quality high for your client’s building project.

  • Only pay for what you use
  • BSI-certified concrete
  • Same-day/next-day delivery

Only pay for the concrete you use

As we use volumetric mixers for all our concrete deliveries in Bletchingly, you only pay for the concrete you use. If you use less concrete than you originally ordered, you pay less. This is because the volumetric mixer keeps the cement, water and aggregates separate until you’re ready to pour the concrete, and we stop mixing once you’ve poured enough. So, not only do you get fresh concrete mixed onsite – you get fair, accurate pricing too.

Quality-assured concrete

All our concrete is certified by the British Standards Institution (BSI), so you can be sure that you’re using strong, high-quality materials for your customer’s building. How do we ensure consistent quality? One way we do this is by conducting regular cube tests at our in-house laboratory, which lets us make sure every concrete mix meets its design strength. Another way is by only ever using separated virgin aggregates (no ballast mix). We keep our aggregates in separated, weather-protected bays at our purpose-built concrete yard in South London. When it’s time to mix the concrete, we load the aggregates into separated hoppers. This gives us full control over the ratio of your mix, ensuring quality and strength.

Reliable, efficient concrete delivery

You’ll know when your concrete delivery is arriving, as our driver will send you clear updates. This means that your team won’t be waiting around unnecessarily, and you can schedule your day accurately. We use AGG SMART to coordinate our deliveries, which sends you updates and even lets you sign and pay for your delivery via the driver’s tablet.

Bletchingly concrete delivery services

  • Lightweight concrete: We can use our specialist LYTAG aggregate to produce high-strength concrete at a reduced weight (25% lighter than standard concrete).
  • Screed: If you need a top layer for a concrete floor, we can provide you with BSI-certified screed.
  • Out-of-hours delivery: We’re available 24/7 to deliver your concrete – whether you need an emergency delivery or you have a scheduled night-time pour.
  • No-fines concrete: Our concrete is available without the fine aggregates – ideal for drainage layers.
  • Concrete collections: You can pick up your concrete order from our yard in South London, if you’d prefer that to a delivery. Just give us an hour’s notice to prepare it.
  • Specialist mix designs: We develop bespoke mix designs at our in-house laboratory. If you need us to design a specialist concrete mix, just let us know.
  • Concrete pumping: You can hire our concrete pumps and a team of operators for your project.

Get concrete in Bletchingly within a few hours

To book a concrete delivery in Bletchingly, just contact the Rapid Readymix team. You can use our online Concrete Calculator to estimate how much concrete you need to order.



    Screed Supplier

    For a compact and level top layer for concrete flooring.

    Concrete Pumping

    Landline and boom pumps available, including a team of operators.

    Volumetric Concrete

    Freshly mixed concrete for your Croydon building project.

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