Concrete Pump Specs

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Concrete Pump specs

Concrete pump hire allows us to deliver you concrete in restricted areas – such as the rear or garden grounds, basements and upper storeys. By hiring a concrete pump you will see a reduction in labour and time required to transport and pour concrete on your building site.

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Concrete Pump Specifications

Our fleet of concrete pumps are mounted on truck chassis. This allows us to transport the pump and our pumping teams across London, Surrey and Kent.

DAF Chassis
Schwing Stetter Concrete Pump

Mitsubushi Fuso
Putzmeister Concrete Pump

parking space

We need enough parking space for the volumetric concrete mixer and a pump vehicle. In general this is about 25 metres – 4 or 5 car lengths.

Distance pumped

Our landline concrete pumps are incredibly powerful and can pump concrete over 100 metres. Each concrete pump vehicle carries 60 metres of steel pipe and flexible hosing. If you require concrete to be pumped over long distances please give us a call, as we can provide further pipes and equipment.

Wash out

When a concrete pour is complete we need to wash out the pump’s hopper. This prevents any concrete residue from curing inside the machinery, causing damage to the pump.
The washout process results in 3 or 4 wheelbarrow’s worth of slurry that we’ll need to dispose of on site. If you don’t have a concrete washout available we suggest that you build up a 1m x 1m plywood box with a tarpaulin inside to capture the washout. Once cured this slurry waste can be easily removed from the site.

Lubricating the line

Before pumping concrete it’s really important to prime or grout the pump and pipeline. Traditionally this was done by the customer providing cement powder that was mixed with water and pumped through the pipeline. However this out-dated process exposed our operators to hazardous chemicals and we wanted to reduce all risks.

We use specially designed concrete pump lubricant, allowing us to quickly, cleanly and safely prepare our concrete pumps for operation on your site.


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