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Rapid Readymix offers a range of ready mix concrete services for domestic and commercial clients in London, Surrey and the South East. With our large fleet of state-of-the-art volumetric concrete mixers and specialist concrete pumps our team delivers precisely-measured and high-quality concrete every time.

So, whether you’re installing a new concrete floor in your home, or need rapid concrete delivery for a large commercial construction project, we have you covered. Here are just some of the services we offer.

Volumetric concrete

Rapid Readymix is proud to be one of the only volumetric concrete suppliers in South London that runs separated volumetric mixers and can provide BSI certified readymix concrete. All volumetric mixers are designed with separated hoppers to carry the raw ingredients needed to make concrete. This allows the mixer’s technology to precisely measure and batch up concrete to your exact specifications.

When you’re working on a building project, being able to tailor the amount of concrete being mixed is ideal.
Otherwise, you could end up paying for concrete that you don’t actually use, or you might run out and have to wait for more concrete to be delivered. Our volumetric concrete mixers enable us to mix your concrete on site, so that we can produce the exact volume of concrete you need.

This means that you only pay for what you use (rather than being hit with part-load charges), and can easily order more if you underorder.

Our BSI certified volumetric concrete mixers also allow us to mix multiple batches of concrete, one after the other. For example, if you needed an industrial-grade concrete and a dry lean mix, we could provide both of these in a single delivery. We are also able to adjust the concrete slump. This means that all your concrete needs are taken care of then and there, rather than having to wait around for multiple deliveries.


As well as our readymix concrete, we offer a variety of screed mixes (if you’re not sure of the difference between concrete and screed, check out our blog). Screed is an ideal solution for pouring over uneven concrete floors to create a smooth, even and attractive finish. Our specialist volumetric concrete mixers can batch and supply screed directly to your site..



Rapid Readymix has access to a variety of concrete and screed admixtures. Available upon request these admixtures are ideal for speeding up curing time, creating lightweight concrete and more. Call our expert team for advice.


Admixtures include:

Air Entrainers – leaves very small if not microscopic bubbles in the concrete, so when it rains and seeps into the concrete and freezes it doesn’t crack or blow into a pot hole. As you know water expands when frozen so these little bubbles create movement for the water to expand. Every petrol station forecourt has this.

Accelerators – to speed up the curing process

Fibres – helps to improve the tensile strength of the concrete and reduce cracking

Foaming Agent – introduces larger bubbles within the concrete mix.

Release agents – prevents the concrete from sticking as it cures, ideal for using within formworks or molds.

Retarders – chemically delay the speed that the concrete curess

WRA – Water Reducing Agents – If you need fast, efficient and reliable concrete services for your DIY, commercial or trade project in London, Surrey or the South East, contact us at Rapid Readymix today. We can provide same- or next-day delivery, and work to a schedule that suits you. To get an idea of how much concrete you might need, use our concrete calculator.

Waterproofer – Sika/Triton – waterproof concrete with a 20 year guarantee. See more info here.

Water Permeability – More cost-effective than waterproofer, no guarantee included.



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