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We offers high-quality no-fines concrete

Rapid Readymix offers high-quality no-fines concrete to commercial and domestic construction clients in London, Surrey and the South East. Our porous no fines concrete is an ideal design for a wide range of uses on construction sites – whether you require high-performance concrete drainage layers for a base, floors or walls, or need low-density and highly insulating concrete for your building installation.

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No-fines concrete is a concrete mix design that does not contain fine aggregates (sharp particles of sand and crushed stone that are less than 9.55mm in diameter). By removing fine pieces of aggregate, the concrete becomes lower density and permeable, as the gaps between the coarse aggregates remain open, rather than being filled. As well as being permeable, no-fines concrete is also strengthened by the thin layer of cement paste that holds together and reinforces the coarse aggregates. The pictures here show our no-fines concrete used for resin-bonded driveways.
(📷 courtesy of our friends at ResinWize and Sussex Surrey Resin)

The high permeability of no-fines concrete means that it offers superior drainage options – enabling our team to create highly efficient drainage systems for our clients. The porous concrete allows water to simply seep through it and away from the property, road or other site, keeping the surface free from moisture. A drainage layer can be installed before new concrete flooring is poured or paving is laid, in order to increase the efficiency of the new surface. Our porous no-fines concrete is also effective for use in the external walls of homes and commercial properties, as it means the rainwater can only permeate a small section of the wall before it is guided down through its drainage layer and away from the building.

The Rapid Readymix team can deliver your no-fines concrete at the time that suits you best – whether that’s today, tomorrow or in a month’s time. We are even happy to deliver your concrete in the evening or at night, if necessary (and that goes for all our concrete options).

If you would like to find out more about our no-fines concrete, contact us at Rapid Readymix today. We are happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quotation for your project.

The benefits of no-fines concrete

As well as its superior drainage capabilities, no-fines concrete offers a wide range of benefits for construction work. Here are some advantages of porous concrete for our customers.

Affordable: As the concrete mix contains a low volume of aggregates, it is very affordable – an added bonus for builders who need a permeable solution.

Long lasting: Due to the low drying shrinkage rates of no fines porous concrete, it has a long lifespan – during which it should stay perfectly in shape and free from cracks.

Low density: In a typical concrete mix, aggregates make up the bulk of the weight. In no-fines concrete, the removal of fine aggregates means that the density is reduced significantly. This results in lighter loads and reduced requirements for foundations.

Thermal insulation: The permeability of no-fines concrete also enhances its insulation capabilities. For this reason, it is a popular option for use in external walls of homes and commercial spaces, as it helps to ensure that the property is energy-efficient.



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