Waterproof Concrete

Guaranteed waterproof concrete for long-term performance and durability.

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  • Sika and Triton certified waterproof concrete admixtures

  • Guaranteed for 20 years
  • Only pay for what you use
  • Cube tests available upon request
  • Same- and next-day delivery available
  • Convenient 2-Hour Time Slots
  • All the benefits of volumetric concrete, with added waterproofing

Guaranteed waterproof concrete

Rapid Readymix can now deliver BSI-certified, 20-Year Guaranteed waterproof concrete to your construction site. Using high-quality Sika or Triton waterproof admixtures, our waterproof concrete gives you increased confidence in the long-term performance, durability and watertightness of your concrete.

We produce waterproof concrete by adding a chemical additive to your concrete mix at the mixing phase. This results in freshly batched waterproof concrete that we then pour or pump directly onto your site. As we use volumetric mixers for all our concrete, we can easily adjust the volume of waterproof concrete we produce if you need more or less once we’re onsite.

Using waterproof concrete for your construction project will give you peace of mind that the concrete structure you create will be strong, long-lasting, durable and watertight.

You’ll get all the benefits of volumetric concrete, plus waterproofing, for your construction project in London or the South East.

The benefits of waterproof concrete

Waterproof concrete is equally essential for structures that are going to be in constant contact with water – such as swimming pools and ponds – and buildings or structures that need everyday protection against the long-term effects of moisture, damp and rainwater.

The benefits of waterproof concrete include:

  • Ensuring structures are damp-proof and watertight
  • Keeping water in or out (as needed)
  • Protecting structures from corrosion or degradation
  • Stopping water and vapour from getting into the concrete
  • Boosting the long-term performance of your concrete
  • Making your concrete structure more durable

How waterproof concrete works

We use a waterproof concrete admixture at the time the concrete is batched. Active chemicals in the admix react with the fresh concrete and generates a seal against liquid. This protects the concrete from deterioration due to harsh environmental conditions.

Common uses for waterproof concrete

Waterproof concrete should be used wherever you need to keep water in or out. Some of the most common applications for domestic properties in London and the South East are:

  • Basements
  • Retaining walls
  • Ponds
  • Rooftops/green rooftops
  • Swimming pools

If you’re not sure if waterproof concrete is the right choice for your project, ask our team.

Get waterproof concrete delivered to your site

For BSI-certified waterproof concrete with a 20-year guarantee, call Rapid Readymix today.

We are one of the only suppliers of volumetric waterproof concrete in London and the South East. We offer all the benefits of volumetric concrete as well as expert waterproofing.

Whether you want to book a delivery slot or ask us a question, contact us today.

Remember, with Rapid Readymix, you get BSI-certified waterproof concrete and only pay for what you use.


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