Volumetric Concrete Benifits

When it comes to concrete delivery, there are two main options: 1) volumetric mixers and 2) drum mixers. Volumetric mixers are special trucks that have batching plants built in, so that the exact amount and mix of concrete can be produced onsite. Drum mixers transfer concrete from a batching plant to a site, mixing it in a revolving drum on the back of a truck. Here at Rapid Readymix, we only ever use state-of-the-art volumetric mixers for our concrete deliveries. They enable us to provide you with cost savings on your order and prevent any unnecessary waste – hugely beneficial when you’re running a construction site!
Here are just some of the benefits of using volumetric mixers over traditional drum mixers.

  • No corners cut

  • Quality service. We are Britain’s best reviewed certified concrete supplier

  • We always use the same high quality materials from reliable suppliers

You only pay for what you use
Volumetric mixers enable the precise volume of concrete you require to be mixed onsite, as the components of the mix are all stored separately and the concrete is batched as needed. This means that you only pay for what you use. With drum mixers, concrete is batched at a batching plant, and extra concrete is often ordered to ensure that there is definitely enough to meet the requirements – meaning that the batch is paid for no matter how much is used. With no risk of over-ordering or short charges, volumetric mixers can really reduce costs!

Easy to order
It can be quite challenging to perfectly estimate the quantity of concrete you are going to need for your project, which is why volumetric mixers are ideal – you can easily scale your order up or down onsite. You can use our concrete calculator to help with your initial order.

Large jobs: no problem!
While drum mixers can only deliver the amount of concrete they are loaded with at a plant, volumetric mixers can create more concrete as and when needed – making them ideal for large projects with changing requirements. Volumetric mixers can hold up to double the amount of concrete (about 10m3) as drum mixers, and can contain multiple deliveries and mixes per load. This means that, if you find that you need more concrete than planned once we are onsite, then we can easily change your order and batch the new volume you require.

No waste
As we precisely batch the concrete you need onsite, there is no waste. This is not always the case with drum mixers, as concrete is often over-ordered to make sure there is enough. No waste means you don’t have to spend time and money getting rid of excess concrete!

Our customers love the fact that they can change their order onsite if they need to. If you have ordered too much or too little, or you simply realise that another mix would be more suitable for a particular section of your site, then we can tweak your order then and there. With drum mixers, doing this would involve driving the concrete back to the batching plant and amending it there – not ideal for a time-sensitive construction project on a budget.

Hassle-free out-of-hours concrete delivery
If you need concrete in a hurry during the night or at the weekend, then volumetric mixers make this easy. It is simply a case of organising an out-of-hours delivery. With drum mixers, you might find that you have to pay charges for night-time plant opening and waste disposal, but not so with volumetric mixers: we can deliver your readymix concrete 24/7.

Here at Rapid Readymix, we are delighted to offer our customers affordable, efficient and flexible volumetric concrete delivery services. Simply contact us today to find out more!

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