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Concrete and screed for all applications in the City of London and Liverpool Street

Rapid Readymix are a leading supplier of top quality ready mix concrete and screed in the City of London, Liverpool Street and the neighbouring areas of London and the South East. All ready mix concrete and screed is delivered on time and poured on-site to the customer’s specification. Working 24/7 so we can fulfil our customers’ needs, we even offer same-day and next day deliveries.
Traditional drum mixers require you to order the exact amount of pre-mixed concrete in advance. This is not easy and often results in waste and extra expense if people over-estimate the amount of concrete that is needed for a project. Volumetric batching trucks have revolutionised the way this industry works and we are one of London’s only concrete suppliers operating volumetric batching mixers that hold the full British Standards Institution (BSI) certification.

The benefits of volumetric mixers include:

  • Concrete is mixed on-site to your exact specification
  • A cost-effective service with no mess – and you will only ever pay for the concrete that you use!
  • A calibrated counter shows at any time exactly how much concrete you have used
  • If you under order, there is always more materials to mix concrete there and then
  • Ideal for large commercial projects and small jobs alike
  • Drum mixed concrete has a limited time frame for use between mixing at the plant and arriving on-site – volumetric mixing negates this problem
  • Different mix designs can be produced in the same load
  • Concrete is always fresh so you have longer to work with it

Our team have three decades’ experience in the construction industry and we are always available to offer technical advice or help. Alongside our concrete and screed services, we also offer a barrow and lay and concrete pumping services.

Concrete for piling projects and basements of all sizes in the City of London

Here at Rapid Readymix, we can supply expert quality and highly workable concrete for piling projects and basements of all sizes in the City of London. We have on-going and long-standing relationships with a number of piling and basement contractors and we have an in-depth understanding of the precise concrete needs for different applications.

  • Piling: Our fleet of volumetric mixers can deliver tailored concrete mix, from 25N to 40N. We can provide concrete for bored piles, CFA piles and mini piles.
  • Basements: We have a huge amount of expertise in this area and can help with excavation projects large and small.

Our large fleet of mixers can mix around one cubic metre of concrete per minute, so we can keep up with projects of all sizes. Please read our blog about exclusive LYTAG lightweight concrete.



    Screed Supplier

    For a compact and level top layer for concrete flooring.

    Concrete Pumping

    Landline and boom pumps available, including a team of operators.

    Volumetric Concrete

    Freshly mixed concrete for your Croydon building project.

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