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Never over or under order concrete in Crystal Palace and Selhurst, with our expert ready mix service!

Are you a builder constructing a new property? A homeowner planning a new garage? Or a large commercial construction company looking for a reliable and professional concrete and screed supplier? Rapid Readymix are specialist suppliers of ready mix concrete and screed, working in Crystal Palace, Selhurst and the surrounding areas of London, Surrey and the South East. Our concrete is mixed on site using the latest volumetric concrete mixers, so there is no worry of over or under ordering your concrete. This is the most efficient and eco-friendly way of mixing concrete because there is never any waste. Our fleet of vehicles can deliver desired specifications and mixes quickly and accurately at any time. Since the concrete is made at the time, the mixes are always exact, meaning that the concrete can reach its peak strength. We also understand that some jobs require different mixes and that is no problem; we can simply make them as they are needed.
We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and even work on Bank Holidays. We specialise in offering flexible solutions to contractors and customers because we know how important it is that building projects stay on deadline. We will always deliver your concrete and screed promptly, meaning there is no delays with your project.

Our local concrete pumping service in Crystal Palace and Selhurst

Our concrete pumping service allows concrete to be delivered to almost any location. If your construction site is a long distance from the road, is in an elevated or low lying position or is difficult to access for some other reason, concrete pumps offer a fast, efficient and clean solution. This will enable us to deliver concrete to an area that would normally be inaccessible to large vehicles of where the area might be disturbed.

Our concrete pump hire also brings the following benefits:

  • Cuts waste and spillages: Your ready mix concrete will be delivered to exactly where it is needed, minimising the risk of spillages and waste and cutting your bill in the process!
  • Eco-friendly: By limiting waste, concrete pumps also offer a more environmentally friendly service.
  • Boom and land line pumps: We hire both boom and land line pumps, depending on the application.
  • Labour-saving: By using pumps, there is no need for buckets, wheelbarrows and cranes, saving both time and labour costs. All pump hires also include a team of fully-trained operators.
  • Flexible: Our concrete mixers can make any design mix, so there are always a huge number of options available.



    Screed Supplier

    For a compact and level top layer for concrete flooring.

    Concrete Pumping

    Landline and boom pumps available, including a team of operators.

    Volumetric Concrete

    Freshly mixed concrete for your Croydon building project.

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