Figuring out how much concrete you need for your project is quick and easy with a few measurements and our free concrete calculator. There’s no need for guesswork or complex sums that leave you scratching your head. All you need is the Rapid Readymix Concrete Calculator – our online tool that instantly calculates how much concrete you need for any given area based on the dimensions of your project site.

Get ready to measure the length, width and depth of your site and calculate the volume of concrete required.

Why use Rapid Readymix?

  • No corners cut

  • Quality service. We are Britain’s best reviewed certified concrete and cement supplier

  • We always use the same high quality materials from reliable suppliers

How do I calculate how much concrete I need?

With the Rapid Readymix Concrete Calculator, you can estimate how much concrete you need in 2 easy steps.

Rapid Readymix's Piling Calculator - How Much Concrete Do I Need?

Step 1: Measure the dimensions of your cavity

Before you can use our concrete calculator to work out how much to order, you need to measure the dimensions of your cavity. By this, we mean the length, width and depth of the space the concrete will be poured into.

Please note – you’ll also need to know what the measurement is for, as the amount of concrete will vary depending if it’s for a concrete slab, concrete square footings or concrete pilings.

You can measure the dimensions in metres, centimetres, inches, feet, yards or millimetres. (It’s fine to use different units for each dimension.)

Step 2: Enter the measurements into the Concrete Calculator

Once you have measured the dimensions of your site, the Concrete Calculator will do the maths for you.

To use it, open up the Concrete Calculator and select whether the calculation is for a concrete slab, concrete footings or concrete piling. Then simply enter your measurements for the length, width and depth, select the right units, and click ‘Calculate’. You’ll get an instant quantity result in cubic metres (m3), which is the unit we use for all our concrete orders.

Footing Calculator

How do I convert from cubic feet or cubic yards to cubic metres?

To convert from to cubic feet or cubic yards, use the following conversion guide.

Divide the cubic feet measurement by 35.5 to get the same amount in cubic metres.

To convert from cubic yards into cubic metres, divide the amount in cubic yards by 1.3 to get the same measurement in cubic metres.

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What happens after I’ve calculated my concrete?

If you’ve used the concrete calculator to determine the quantity of concrete you need, you can now get a quote to see how much it will cost. This will include the cost of the concrete mix itself, the cost of delivering it to your site, and mixing it ready to be used.

Flexible ordering

At Rapid Readymix, we offer you a free quote on your concrete delivery, with no obligation to order.

And remember: even when you place an order, it isn’t set in stone. If your requirements change and you need to adjust the volume of concrete you’ve ordered, you can. Just use the concrete calculator to help guide your order.

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What happens if I order the wrong amount of concrete?

Ordering concrete is easy with Rapid Readymix. If the quantity you order is too much or too little for your project, we can adjust your delivery order. There’s no need to panic if the measurements for the length, width and depth of the site are incorrect or if the quantity is wrong.

When you use Rapid Readymix, you only pay for what you use.

Why? Because our ready mixed concrete is batched onsite using volumetric mixers, which mix the cement and aggregate as it’s being poured. So, there’s no waste if you use less than you ordered – it simply doesn’t get mixed and delivered.

Rapid Ready Mix

What type of concrete do I need?

We have a wide range of BSI-certified concrete types for you to choose from, including lightweight LYTAG concrete, no-fines concrete, waterproof concrete, and screed.

We also experiment with bespoke mixes and get them to the required strength in our in-house concrete laboratory.

For example, different mixes may contain varying levels of coarse aggregate (material such as sand, gravel or crushed stone) compared to cement.

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Have you calculated your concrete using our Concrete Calculator? If so, you can place an order for concrete delivery (or get a free, no-obligation quote) by calling the Rapid Readymix team on 0208 335 9900 or sending us an enquiry.

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