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Ready mix Concrete Chelsea

Supplying and delivering concrete

Ready mix Concrete Chelsea

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Ready mix Concrete Chelsea

with 2 hour delivery slots available in Chiswick

Quality Deliveries of Chelsea Readymix Concrete

From the foundation stages of a building project, through to completion, it’s crucial to receive quality materials at the right time. Too early and you have a storage problem. Too late and you will be paying workmen that can’t get on with their work. And of course, product quality must match the reliability and timeliness of the deliveries. When the product is concrete Chelsea, screed contractors and residents choose Rapid Readymix for our superior service.

getting your concretein Chelsea
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Ready mix Concrete Chelsea


Ready mix Concrete Chelsea


Ready mix Concrete Chelsea


Ready mix Concrete Chelsea


No Delays with the Rapid Readymix Concrete Company, Chelsea Wide

You can call us with your order for concrete Chelsea 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our helpful customer service personnel will be delighted to take your order or help with your queries, and they will arrange your Chelsea ready mix concrete deliveries to arrive at the time that is most convenient to you, morning, afternoon or night; any day you specify.

We have been serving the construction industry for over 30 years so we know what is needed to complete projects on time and in budget. Our Chelsea readymix concrete will be delivered to you in our mobile volumetric batching vehicles, so that your spec will be mixed on site. That means you will be able to change the spec and the quantity of the floor screed or concrete at the time, should that prove necessary. You won’t be stuck with anything you don’t need, or waste time waiting for further deliveries.

Customer Satisfaction with our Chelsea Concrete Supply Service

If you need your order pumped to a particular spot on your site, ask for one of our landline or boom concrete pumps Chelsea. Customers regularly return to use our Area ready mix concrete delivery service. No other Chelsea ready mix concrete delivery service has proved more reliable, convenient or affordable.

Everyone gets equally good service from Rapid Readymix. A Chelsea screed contractor London is as important a client to us as a major site’s project manager. If they are not sure of the quantity of concrete they need for their DIY projects, home owners can use our helpful concrete calculator or ask for assistance when they call us. If they are not confident about dealing with the concrete themselves, they can order our barrow and lay service with their Chelsea concrete deliveries, to ensure a really professional finish.

Contact us today for our unrivalled concrete Chelsea delivery service so that you can see the benefits first hand.

Contact us today for our unrivalled concrete Chelsea
delivery service so that you can see the benefits first hand.

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Pouring concrete for a specialist cancer hospital

Ready mix Concrete Chelsea

The challenge

Chelsea is one of London’s most affluent areas, and is bursting with grand architecture and old, historic buildings. Our client, a specialist cancer hospital, is no exception. When the hospital was having some building work done, its building contractor, Premier Builders, turned to the Rapid Readymix team to pour a smooth, robust and long-lasting pads foundations that would meet the high standards of the hospital. On top of this, the solution needed to be delivered in a way that caused minimal disruption to patients – in terms of mess, noise and the time taken to complete the work.

Ready mix Concrete Chelsea

The plan

We knew that a heavy-duty concrete would be preferable to our client, and we proposed using our specialist RC28/35 mix as this would provide a strong, solid and durable foundation for the hospital’s building work. We proposed using a landline pump to complete the pads. This would be fed through the hospital (cleanly and safely) to the exact location that the concrete was needed. Using a landline pump enables us to generate higher volumes of concrete, reducing the time and costs associated with manual labour. It also means that concrete can be applied more accurately, helping us reduce wastage.

Ready mix Concrete Chelsea

The work

Premier Builders hired us immediately for the project, and we got to work straight away – tailoring our approach to the needs of the hospital and the building contractors. The pour had to take place in the evening, this was to cause as little disruption as possible to hospital traffic. We positioned our Rapid Readymix truck outside the hospital’s entrance, providing us clear access into the building. We started by cornering off our pump’s pathway through the building with safety barriers, and laying specialist floor protection to protect the flooring. We then used a landline pump with a flexible hose so that we could bend it around the various obstacles in the hospital. This enabled us to pour the pads quickly, easily and efficiently in a typically hard-to-reach area within the hospital building.

Ready mix Concrete Chelsea

Another happy customer

Our polite, skilled and approachable team offered fantastic customer service throughout the project, keeping Mark informed of our progress and listening to his needs. As we were using a pump, the work was relatively mess-free, and we left the property as clean and tidy as when we found it (as we do with all projects). Mark only had to pay for the concrete that the team had used.
Our team’s skill, precision and attention to detail meant that our client was delighted with the work. We kept them updated on our progress, and took every precaution to leave the hospital as clean and tidy as when we arrived. The project was completed within the specified timeframe, enabling the hospital to continue running without unnecessary delay.

Here at Rapid Readymix, we fully tailor our concrete solutions to the needs of
our clients in London, Surrey and the South East. Contact us today.

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