100m lightweight aggregate concrete pour in
Woking town centre

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Our Client

Our client, the owner of an office block in Woking town centre, needed our help to extend and develop the building by providing 100m³ of internal lightweight concrete slabs across multiple levels. The light concrete we were pouring was LYTAG LC40/44. The office block was located on a one-way system in Woking, which got extremely busy during the day.

Our Client’s Needs

This was a large project on a tight timescale, so the Rapid Readymix team had to efficiently prepare and organise our drivers, transport manager and loader to ensure the timely delivery of our client’s lightweight concrete. We also needed to make sure we had the right amount of materials available for the job, and that they were stored correctly to ensure fast and efficient loading turnaround, enabling us to keep pouring concrete consistently onsite.LYTAG is a specialist concrete aggregate and we needed to create an aggregate bay specifically to store it. LYTAG must be kept wet while it is stored, this ensures that when it is batched up into a concrete mix it does not absorb too much extra water, this prevents the mix from becoming less workable and causing issues when transporting it through a pump.


Due to the large scale of the project, we put the systems in place to ensure we could mix extra concrete if necessary. This proved useful, as the client had underordered by 30m3. As such, we were able to deliver this additional concrete on the same day. We overcame the issue of the busy one-way road by working with the site manager, who organised traffic control. Our drivers followed their instructions about where to wait to minimise disruptions to the local traffic, and when to pull into and out of the building site safely.


To help us reach the higher and harder-to-access floors in the building, we used a boom concrete pump. This enabled us to get the LYTAG concrete pumped quickly and efficiently, meaning we could also achieve a quick turnaround on the underestimated 30m3 of concrete – something that showcases the organisation and preparation of our team.

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