How AGG SMART Makes Rapid Readymix More Efficient

Rapid ReadyMix has always been a company that looks for ways to improve efficiency and be at the forefront of technology. This is why we’re excited to announce that we’re now using AGGSMART, a system that promises to make our operations even more efficient.

AGGSMART is a cloud-based software that helps ready-mix companies manage their operations more effectively. It does this by providing real-time data on the location of trucks and concrete batching plants, as well as the status of orders. This information is then used to optimise the dispatch of mixers and the production of concrete, making the whole process more efficient.

We know that there’s nothing worse than waiting around for your ready mix concrete supplier in London, only to find out that there’s been a mix-up or delay with your order. As a builder or contractor on a tight schedule, you need to be able to rely on your concrete provider and be kept updated.

At Rapid Readymix, we’ve always championed ourselves as competitively priced with exceptional customer service and smooth administrative processes. And we always turn up when we say we will. Saying that, we are constantly looking for ways to improve the efficiency of our concrete delivery in London.
As such, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve teamed up with AGG SMART to make our London concrete delivery services even more efficient, reliable and stress-free for our domestic and commercial customers.

  • No corners cut

  • Quality service. We are Britain’s best reviewed certified concrete supplier

  • We always use the same high quality materials from reliable suppliers

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What is AGG SMART?
AGG SMART is a top quality cloud-based business management tool for the concrete and aggregate industry. It enables our office team to take your order, submit your details accurately into the system, and, on the day of your delivery, send all the details directly to our concrete mixer and concrete pump drivers via their TomTom tablets.

Peace of mind that your order has been logged correctly
AGG SMART lets us log your order digitally, which means that your contact details and pricing are saved accurately within the system. Once you have ordered, the system sends you a confirmation email, letting you check that all your details are correct.

Rapid Ready Mix
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No more waiting around for drivers stuck in traffic
Our drivers can now send you ETA updates straight to your mobile device, so that you know when they are close and can start preparing your team and site for the concrete delivery.
This means that, if your driver is stuck in traffic, you won’t waste time waiting for them. In fact, AGG SMART reduces the risk of delays. Your order details are sent straight to the driver’s TomTom, which updates the route in real time to avoid traffic or roadworks.

Full transparency for your concrete pour
When your driver arrives and begins to mix on site, they will now log their arrival time straight into AGG SMART. You will then provide a digital signature on our touchscreen tablet once the concrete has been delivered. This provides you with proof of how long the pour took to complete.

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Rapid Ready Mix

Paperwork delivered to your inbox
We know that construction sites can be hectic, so it’s not always convenient to deal with payment and paperwork. By taking your signature digitally, we can create a digital invoice, which we can send straight to your inbox so that you can look at it in your own time. If you prefer to pay immediately, our drivers can print your receipt on-site.

Book your concrete delivery today
With AGG SMART, Rapid Readymix’s concrete delivery services are more efficient than ever.
Remember, when you order volumetric concrete Rapid Readymix’s experienced team, we guarantee you high standards and a professional service. You can specify the exact volume and mix of concrete you require, and you only pay for what you use. As the South East’s best-reviewed BSI certified concrete and screed supplier, you’re in good hands!

If you’re ready to book concrete delivery in London, contact us at Rapid Readymix today. If you’re unsure how much concrete you need – try out our concrete calculator now!


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