Building a Basement?

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Why build a basement?

Basements provide inexpensive space for a variety of purposes, from family rooms to bedrooms and makes economic sense. And with the rise in stamp duty and the property market it’s a great way to enhance the value of your house rather than having to move. It’s a fantastic way for properties with difficult building space to expand.

Concrete Masonry (block)

Where did the basement originate from?

Basements were very fashionable in Victorian and Edwardian times because it was cheap to dig cellars, Which could be used for servants living quarters. In the 1920s and 1930s it was popular to live in the rural areas as public transport was developed and improving, however building space was limited in these areas so the solution for this was to build basements.


Why is it best to use concrete when building your basement?

Concrete is by far the best choice of product for a basement as it is highly resistant and creates a permanent stable base for your house. There are many different ways to build a basement out of concrete from blocks to a cast. When deciding on your concrete for your basement think about the company you are using. Do they comply with the British building standards? Some company’s use ballast we highly recommend you do not use this as ballast is a blend of sand and stone so you don’t know how much sand or stone you are getting in your mix making it highly unlikely     you to know what grade you are getting. You need a strong grade of concrete for a basement, remember this is the base of your house you’re recreating. The grade you need is normally a C35 however your surveyor or principal designer may recommend different depending on the grounds and soil around the build. Always ensure the underpinning done by your builders is correct before carrying out your concrete pour. We would recommend using admixtures in your concrete for a water tight finish.

Why use Rapid Readymix?
Not only are our products to British standards and not recycled, we also offer an outstanding service with a 2 hour time slot so a more accurate delivery time and as all our trucks are fitted with trackers this enables us to be even more persist with arrival times to your site allowing you to have a more organised day on site rather than waiting around all morning or afternoon for the delivery.

We can offer a cube test for an additional cost if requested. Here at Rapid Readymix we also offer a concrete pump at an additional cost which is a highly efficient piece of machinery for your more difficult access. This is a machine that can pump readymixed concrete through a pipe at a high speed making it easier for small entrances at sites or needing to go through a property making it clean and quick with no fuss. This also helps to keep your staff energetic while the pump does the hard work rather than running wheel barrows around your site.

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