4 Reasons to Hire a Concrete Pump Next Time

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Concrete Pump Hire

Ever finished a job and wondered if it could have been done faster – or cheaper? If the answer’s yes, we have the solution. Rapid Ready Mix offers clients the use of brand new, state of the art concrete pumps ideal for any construction job.

The Rapid Ready Mix team can deliver concrete on site. Let’s look at some other reasons you might want to try a concrete pump next time around.

1. Cutting Down On Waste

Concrete pumps dramatically cut down on the amount of concrete that’s wasted on site. Not only is the concrete delivered more efficiently, you won’t lose as much concrete through spillage or via residue on wheelbarrows. That means your concrete order goes further, saving you considerable amounts of money. Less waste also means your project is more environmentally friendly.

Don’t forget: we have a Concrete Calculator on our site so you can figure out exactly how much to order. That means you won’t over-order or find yourself stuck without the right amount to complete the job.

2. Getting to Inaccessible Areas

Rapid Ready Mix hires two different types of concrete pumps: land line and boom pumps. Land line pumps are used for pumping concrete across the floor, where there is restricted access. Boom pumps are ideal for pumping concrete into places where access is restricted by height.  For example when concrete is needed in the back garden of a house with no side access and also to reframe channelling directly through your house, the boom would use an articulating robotic arm safely over the roof.

We can also use a boom pump to deliver concrete to upper storeys and other areas above ground level. There’s no need to work out the logistics of getting your concrete up there manually: the pump delivers it exactly where it needs to be.

3. Less Manual Labour

Still using wheelbarrows to move concrete on site? Concrete pumps do away with the need to manually transport the concrete from the truck to its destination. In fact, you won’t need buckets, barrows, cranes or dumper trucks at all.

Concrete pumping is a much more modern and efficient way of getting the job done, and it’s also a great deal faster. That frees up your team to work on other tasks while the concrete’s being pumped.

4. Versatile and Useful

Rapid Ready Mix concrete pumps can be used with any type of concrete we provide, so they’re incredibly versatile. Use one of our concrete pumps to deliver concrete for building works, whether indoors or out: swimming pools, staircases, flooring, basements, footings and cellars are all ideal applications.

Hiring a Concrete Pump

We hire out brand new, high-tech concrete pumps throughout the South East/London/Surrey area, and we ensure trained and experienced personnel operate every concrete pump we hire. Safety, efficiency and speed are our priorities.

If there’s anything you’re not sure about, or you’d like to know more about concrete pumps, give us a call and we’ll talk through the options with you. Whatever your reasons for hiring a concrete pump, we’ll make it simple and affordable.

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